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BioHarvest is a functional foods innovator with scientifically supported products for the rapidly growing wellness and disease prevention markets. It has developed a breakthrough platform technology to commercially grow cells of highly nutritional plants (bio-farming) in order to produce functional bio-food. The company’s first product – Vinia, based on red grape cells – aims at preventing heart disease, typically caused by high blood pressure and elevated levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.



Rootility is a leader in high-throughput root-focused plant breeding. The company has set itself apart with its established system for the rapid development of high performing plants via the efficient selection of rootstock that are able to grow in challenging, abiotic stress conditions and the selection of rootstock/scion combinations that provide increased agronomic performance.




Tipa is a pioneer in the technological development and provision of biodegradable packaging solutions, customized to fit packaging needs. When disposed, the company’s biodegradable polymer film mirrors the behavior of natural waste – and decomposes just like an orange peel would.



EcoFer provides innovative solutions for dissolving and mixing soluble fertilizer on site – accurately, flexibly and instantly prior to injection into irrigation systems. The solution addresses the needs of a growing worldwide market for flexibility and adds capability to fertigation systems while offering significant savings.


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Phenome Networks

Phenome Networks provides a comprehensive, cloud-based software solution for plant breeders and researchers. Next to first-rate tools for breeding management, the solution also provides in depth data analysis tools to improve the efficiency of the plant breeding process. Current customers range from independent breeders to large seed companies and academia all over the world.



CropX is an ag-analytics company that has developed an adaptive irrigation service, which automatically optimizes irrigation, thereby delivering dramatic crop yield increase and water and energy cost savings to farms. The company’s product is designed to work with existing Pivot Irrigation Systems. Implementation is straightforward, it is a “Plug& Play” type solution, intuitive to use.